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As the leading AppleScript and Automator training and development firm, TECSoft knows a thing or two about the power of FileMaker: One, this technology transformer would support an e-commerce application, allowing online registration and payment for AppleScript training. And two, when it comes to designing and implementing FileMaker applications, MightyData is the perfect choice to get the job done. John Thorson, President and Founder of TECSoft in Amagansett, New York, first met MightyData’s Kirk Bowman when the latter took TECSoft’s AppleScript training classes. At the time, Kirk was seeking complementary technologies to improve his skill set and round out MightyData’s service offerings. “Kirk’s seriousness and professionalism at the time sparked a desire to work with him,” says John. “Since then, we have collaborated on numerous FileMaker Pro development projects.” It was the beginning of a perfectly scripted collaboration.

AppleScript is a Macintosh software automation technology that allows users to write a single script that can automatically control multiple applications on a Mac. The software works especially well with FileMaker Pro to automate publishing information, as well as HTML for the Internet. First, MightyData developed the back-end FileMaker Pro databases. Then it designed and created the CGI scripts, a go-between that communicates with the browser interface (front-end) and the FileMaker Pro database (back-end). Now TECSoft’s website, which replaced telephone registration for the AppleScript classes, allows round-the-clock registration with instant email notification.

Since TECSoft sells training coast to coast and in England, the site provides a 24/7, time zone independent opportunity to register—making the company virtual. What’s more, the interface enables TECSoft to remotely administer its databases over the Internet. To date, the new website reconfiguration has increased registration dramatically, and John couldn’t be more satisfied. “I was amazed that this fairly complex procedure was flawlessly executed on the very first pass,” notes John. “Kirk certainly was in command of the situation, putting in long hours to get everything working perfectly. His proficiency in three different skill sets—database development, CGI scripting and interface design—brought an advantage to the table that resulted in an exemplary job.” At MightyData, we couldn’t script it any better than that, thanks to this powerhouse collaboration.

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