Heavy Duty Database Overhaul - Mustang CAT

Mustang CAT is the southeast Texas authorized sales, parts and service dealer for Caterpillar construction equipment and engines. Carl Fromén, International Sales, required a heavy-duty database to handle all quotes, sales orders, inventory purchase worksheets, invoices, and customer bills of sale. Even though he was looking for a new cost-efficient solution to his overly used and outdated Excel spreadsheet database, he knew the value of a good return on investment. Carl turned to MightyData to handle the database overhaul and transformation.

First order of business was to create a smart comprehensive database system that would replace the company’s current mix of Excel and Word documents. The newly designed database automatically tracks customer information, generates instant quotes, tracks product inventory, keeps detailed records of purchase sales… all in one, seamless, user-friendly format. Because the database was so well received by Carl and the rest of Mustang CAT, they wanted to take the initial transformation further by adding more technology enhancements than originally planned. “I was so pleased with the ease and efficient nature of the new database created by MightyData that we wanted even more bells and whistles,” Carl explains. One of the first bells was to merge multiple PDFs into a single quotation PDF. Then, to match required sales order formatting, display only 4-line items per page with the necessary header and footer totals on each page. Our mighty team utilized various methods and techniques to meet line item specifics.

The speed of data entry has dramatically improved not to mention the increased flexibility to enter an infinite amount of data. “But most of all, we’ve reduced the number of errors based on duplicate entry among different forms, like sales orders and invoices,” says Carl. In the end, MightyData was able to take our extensive knowledge of advanced methods and techniques and utilize them to provide a cost-effective solution that brought value to the sales process of Mustang CAT.” That’s heavy-duty lifting, indeed.

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