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As America’s shopping destination for discovering great styles at compelling prices, JCPenney expects nothing short of being the top retailer and standout employer in the U.S. To uphold quality standards, the senior management team mandated that every JCPenney employee have a personnel profile going into the company’s annual management review meeting. This two-page comprehensive profile documents an employee’s performance, areas for improvement and growth, job training needs, salary history, and advancement assessment. With more than 500 employees, this was no small feat. The Marketing and Communications departments had recently merged and each department was handling its own personnel profiles with a different system. To complicate matters, there was an environment clash between Mac and PC users. It was clearly time for us to step in and establish a new personnel record that everyone could be proud of and rally behind.

How do you produce a flawless 1000-page personnel directory and have it ready in time for the annual management meeting? Simple. You create an incredibly intuitive database that can be seamlessly automated system wide. We designed a FileMaker Pro database that enabled Human Resources to easily input, update, send or print employee data whenever necessary. Mac and PC users were both able to utilize this new database. Plus we embedded coding that ensured safe and secure access for authorized users only. What’s more, we developed a few additional FileMaker applications including employee absence and appraisal programs that allowed swift online data entry and modifications.

In the end, the transformation was simply remarkable. All employee records were created on time and a complete book of personnel profiles was sent to senior management for their approval. “We’re actually looking forward to doing the book next year...the process was so smooth,” says Rosemary. “We were recently told that we needed to ship our Personnel Profile records to our Salt Lake City office by the end of the quarter. Now that we have all the employee information in our database, we’re no longer nervous about sending these files.” A tremendous amount of time was saved by simple innovative solutions. It’s no wonder that Rosemary and the fine folks at JCPenney were impressed. “Compared to our labor-intensive struggles in the past, it’s like night and day!” For us, it’s not only an example of how we can turn your heavy lifting information requirements into light work, but also the ability to create new personnel records for your business.

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