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If you have a product you want to display, you turn to this gem of a designer. From corrugated to permanent, Diamond Display creates them all, big and small. Because of its high volume of business and fast-paced working environment, Diamond Display needed to streamline data entry, project management, and scheduling. It had been using several limited applications including Basecamp, Microsoft Excel and Word to capture data. Tina Sweat, owner of Diamond Display, had enough and wanted more efficiency fast, so she looked to MightyData to provide an effective FileMaker solution.

MightyData went a step further and delivered a two-part solution to help make Tina’s and her team’s job a whole lot easier, not-to-mention faster. MightyData utilized the brilliance of FileMaker to create a fully customized project management and scheduling system. In less than 6 months, the two-part system was up and running. From customer information and project details to timelines and tasks, the newly built database could handle it all. “This advanced technology keeps our projects centralized, secure, and easily accessible by authorized team members,” says Tina Sweat. “No more time-consuming manual work… that’s refreshing when we have to create schedules on the fly.”

With a more streamlined, all-encompassing data capturing system, Diamond Display can focus on its customers without being bogged down by all the minutia and logistics that can get in the way of the brilliant work it does. “MightyData understood our business needs and most definitely exceeded my expectations—in our line of work, it was quite a display of brilliance, indeed,” remarks Tina Sweat. No doubt our diamond in the rough.

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