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There’s one unifying word to describe the dedicated, detail-focused meeting planners from Achieva International. Buttoned-up. The only problem was that they were getting all tied up in the logistics of their currently flawed FileMaker system, which was causing unnecessary overhead. They needed a more efficient, fully-integrated system to manage all of the complex details that comes with meeting and event planning. “FileMaker told us there were better ways to manage our data,” says Shannon Hopkins, Vice President and Managing Partner. “That’s why we turned to MightyData, so we could focus on our business without wasting time making structural and logistical changes.”

Without hesitation, it was time to remove much of the manual work being done by the Achieva team members and build a system that could virtually multi-task on its own, handling multiple differing scenarios. What's more, MightyData was able to connect their Web registration with FileMaker so that less data entry was required. The newly implemented web-based solution allows instant access from any location here and abroad. Achieva now reaps the flexibility implemented on all levels of data entry, reporting, Web connectivity, and accessibility.

“The interface is clean, the functionality is all there, and the reporting is more robust than ever before, plus it requires little overhead,” notes Shannon. In the end, we transformed Achieva’s focus from the time-consuming logistics of running a business to spending time growing the business and providing excellent customer service, knowing that MightyData is always there to support them. That&rlquo;s going beyond meeting expectations.

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